What Martin Bashir did to Princess Diana is something all women can relate to.

Princess Diana during her Martin Bashir interview. PA images.

Women are not paranoid by nature. No, we did not pop out of our mother’s womb afraid of the world. We have been shaped to be paranoid by society.

As little girls, we learned that there are constructed gender stereotypes. We are expected to act differently from boys. When boys misbehaved and reacted aggressively, teachers would shrug their shoulders and say, “boys will be boys.”

Being loud, rough-housing, making insensitive comments, and engaging in schoolyard bullying was normalized. Violent masculinity was considered a natural trait in boys like passiveness was in girls.

As we grew older, those same boys no…

But the male patriarchy saw her as nothing more than a sex icon

One of the most iconic photos of the 20th Century is of Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway gate and trying to hold her skirt down as a gust of wind blows it up.

Dressed in a silky white dress, Marilyn exudes excitement, confidence, energy, and sexuality. In the photo, she perfectly embodied her third husband’s Arthur Miller’s, description of her: “so gorgeous, so glamorous, so incandescent.”

Marilyn Monroe and her iconic white dress. Getty Images.

But it was all a façade. Her radiating smile hid the ugly truth of her exploitation.

“At first it was all innocent and fun,” Marilyn said, “but when Billy kept shooting the scene…

Meghan and Harry’s departure is a more serious offense than Prince Andrew’s sex scandal

Mehan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry. Associated Press.

In Buckingham Palace, Meghan and Harry are viewed as a parasitic drain on the royal family’s good reputation. So far, the relations between the two have been frosty and distant. Meanwhile, Prince Andrew who is embroiled in a sex scandal is being coddled in the protective arms of royal immunity.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice the double standards in the treatment of Meghan Markle in comparison to the more serious complaints against Prince Andrew.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step back from royal duties, it took everyone off-guard and Buckingham palace reacted swiftly…

Russian culture and language have been grossly misused

Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes in the Netflix drama ‘Shadow and Bone’. Netflix Screenshot.

An ignorant audience would be awestruck at the ingenuity of Shadow and Bone and applaud the Russian-inspired world-building.

A viewer familiar with Russian culture and language would find Netflix’s latest fantasy series hard to watch.

The Shadow and Bone series has been adapted into a major Netflix fantasy series. The story centers around an orphan soldier Alina Starkov who harnesses immense magical power and becomes an elite member of the Ravka society.

Leigh Bardugo, the author of Shadow and Bone, claims to admire and respect the Russian culture but how is embracing stereotypes and sloppily using the language an expression…

What’s wrong with you? Are you on your period? Why are you so emotional? Is it that time of the month?

Photo by 戸山 神奈 on Unsplash

Half the world’s population goes through a menstrual cycle. It is a natural biological function of the human body, and it is necessary for the continuation of human life.

It is also the most shamed biological cycle in the human body. Young girls are embarrassed when they have their period because society views their natural cycle as gross and something to hide.

There is nothing more mortifying for a woman than dropping her tampon on the way to the washroom. Period stains are worse than coffee stains and openly talking about your period? Big no-no. …

There was a culture of sexual abuse by powerful men and nobody cared. Until the #MeToo Movement.

The iconic Marilyn Manroe posing for the camera. Google Images.

Joan Collins, an 87-year-old actress, and legend of the silver screen can still vividly recall that haunting warning Marilyn Monroe confided to her.

As a young, budding actress, Joan Collins had a harrowing experience with two men, megastars in 1950’s Hollywood, who deliberately humiliated her by pulling on her front dress.

Soon after the sexual assault, Joan Collins stumbled upon Marilyn Monroe at a party and the two had a heart-to-heart conversation. Marilyn Monroe who herself had been so horribly abused in the industry warned Joan to, “watch out for the wolves in Hollywood, Honey.”

Marilyn Monroe went on to…

She sent him her bloody pubic hair, stole his portrait, publicly slashed her wrists, and even wrote a book about her ex-lover!

Portrait of Lady Caroline Lamb. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

When you imagine a “crazy-ex” what type of person comes to mind?

Some of us may think of Amy from the movie Gone Girl, the psycho wife that goes to great lengths to frame her husband for murder. Most of us would imagine a crazy ex to be madly infatuated, unhinged, and obsessed with their former lover. They resort to stalking, and over flooding their ex’s phone with endless texts and voicemails. (Historically speaking, this would be sending countless letters.)

Although Lady Caroline Lamb never attempted to fabricate a murder, she was a nightmare to her former lover. I’m talking…

Tape worm pills, arsenic poisoning, cigarette diet, and vinegar water? I guess I’ll stick with keto diet.

Tight-laced corset to look slim like a wasp was common for women in the 1800's. Public Domain.

I have not lived through a single summer without either someone bragging about their weight loss thanks to their new diet or moaning about how difficult it was.

Remember the cabbage soup diet? The grapefruit diet? How about the apple cider vinegar diet, the detox tea diet, and a host of forgettable celebrity diets?

This is a message to all those suffering through their seven-day juice cleanse: You’re just history repeating itself.

Jumping on the diet bandwagon, hoping for a quick fix, and achieving that desired body type isn’t a modern phenomenon. Our ancestors have been doing it for centuries.

While Elizabeth was being educated to be a Queen, Philip was groomed to be a prince consort by his ambitious uncle.

Prince Philip, the lifelong companion of the Queen and the longest-serving consort in Britain, died at the age of 99 on April 9, 2021. The Queen has reportedly said that Prince Philip’s death has, “left a huge void in her life.”

For seventy-three years, Prince Philip was a stoic, dutiful consort by her side during the highs and lows of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Getty Images.

When Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth were first courting, many in the royal court opposed the marriage and viewed Prince Philip’s royal Greek origins with suspicion. …

Unlike most countries, French law does not specify a certain age as being unable to legally consent to sex

Photo by Daniel Roe on Unsplash

When it comes to pedophiles or Muslim women, France seems to prefer to protect the liberty of child molesters. Hijabs, a garment covering the head, is constantly being debated on the political landscape but the sex crimes of pedophiles are being brushed under the carpet.

Where’s the best place to go for a pedophile escaping justice?

France, the land of baguettes and macaroons.

Just ask Roman Polanski, the famous movie director who fled to France after he forced himself on a teenage girl during a photoshoot. …

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