Social media is destroying people’s health but for a company to abandon profits because of this? It’s a societal reckoning.

Photo by Trung Do Bao on Unsplash

The Christmas season with all its visions of glowing festive lights, colourfully wrapped gifts, sugar plum fairies dancing, bundles of toys, prancing reindeer's and jolly Santa Claus makes for a perfect marketing campaign.

Just when brands and retailers are kicking up their social media activity into high gear to entice…

“She’s beautiful and talented but we need a 21-year old baby-face as the love interest for this 55-year old man”

Margot Robbie was 22-years-old to Leonardo DiCaprio’s age 38. Getty Images.

Ah, to be a Hollywood star! Your name will be forever printed on the Hollywood walk of fame. Everlasting glory. Undying fame.

Film directors, movie mongrels, casting directors and writers will seize every opportunity to work with a legend like yourself.

Oh, wait… you’re 28-years old? …

Wanting to move to Japan because you want to live like your favourite characters is problematic.

Photo by Gracia Dharma on Unsplash

I’m moving to Japan — the only place in the world I belong.

No, I can’t speak Japanese but I have sat listlessly in front of the computer watching countess anime, and guess what? It wasn’t in English Dub!

So I know a few important Japanese words — baka, kawaii…

Why would he want a fat, ugly Western woman when he can order a Sexy Russian bride online?

Anna (2019 Feature Film) about a Beautiful Russian Assassin. Screenshot.

We all know that ‘build-a-bitch’ workshop doesn’t exist but don’t worry lads, because that sexy woman you’ve been fantasizing about?

She’s in Mother Russia and her name is Ekatrina, Svetlana, Tatiana or Maria.

This Slavic beauty with high cheekbones, immaculate skin is a wet dream-come-true! …

Your brain is practically begging you to start learning a new language…

Photo by Mehdi on Unsplash. This could be you if you practiced your high-school Spanish.

Sorry to disappoint all you hard-core marvel fans, but when I’m talking ‘superpower’ I don’t mean the ‘flying in the sky or ‘shooting spider webs’ superpower.

I mean the actual superpower that can be unlocked from within our brains. …

Why do young, talented Black dancers choose not to dance in ballet?

Swan Lake: Corps de Ballet. Image from Youtube Screenshot. Royal Ballet Youtube.

In Russia, going to the ballet is like going to the cinema in the United States. It is a favourite pastime and unlike the West where ballet is exclusively for the elite, the elegant dance was enjoyed from the rich to the poor.

Naturally, this intro-woven component of Russian culture…

The dress I wore wasn’t even that revealing but I felt like it was my fault when he stared down my dress

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

The summer heat has always left me stifled and muggy. Wearing airy summer dresses made the sweltering heat more bearable and I would go from feeling sun-scorched to sun-kissed.

One day, I felt leering eyes staring down my cleavage. I was on public transport, idly listening to upbeat music when…

Women face more hostility for a mistake men also make

Photo by Richard Jaimes on Unsplash

When a sex scandal breaks out with a high-profile politician, the narrative is always the same. A young, pretty, and gullible girl who ensnared a powerful, intelligent man with her panty-dropping ways.

Despite his competence and years of wisdom, he just couldn’t resist a young temptress looking for thrills. She…

Mainstream feminism is starting to make no sense…

Emma Watson before U.N. Speech. Getty Photos.

In a United Nation speech for gender equality, Emma Watson defined feminism as a movement of gender equality targeted towards both sexes.

In her speech, she promoted a visionary future that all of the women’s problems would be solved if men took up arms to fight against a patriarchal system…

Tamara Mitrofanova

I write because it’s therapeutic and writing feeds my creative soul.

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